Based on Swede 55 know how gained since 1980, the yacht servicing company Swedesail was established 1991 in Hamburg/Germany. Swedesail sold S30 and Swede 55 newbuilds, secondhand Swede 55 and a Super Swede 53 in the nineties. Today Swedesail offers:

  • weekend charters aboard a Swede 55 with skipper at the German coast of the Baltic Sea from Lemkenhafen/Fehmarn. Cruises to the nearby waters of Denmark, to Sweden, Norway or Finland.
  • advice for those considering to buy a secondhand Swede 55
  • advice for Swede 55 owners: maintenance, repair jobs and optimising the boat
  • Swede 55 spare parts

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Erdmann Braschos, familiar with sailing since childhood, racing dinghies (Optimist, Europe), open keelboats, a 30 squaremetre type Lotus in the seventies (extended cruises to Norway – Stavanger and Oslo – west- and eastcoast of Sweden, Aalands Islands and Turku), sailing since 1980 Swede 55, cruises around Europe: Baltic Sea, England, Atlantic, Mediterranean.

Gamle Swede is the last Swede 55 (No. 27) built by Fisksätra Yard in Västervik Sweden in 1979. I launched her in spring 1980 there. I am sailing the boat with occasional guests aboard since 1988. Inspired by the beauty and exciting performance, I associated with a swedish boatbuilder to relaunch Swede 55 and her smaller sister, the S30, then named Swede 41. I sold few newbuilds to Germany and the Mediterranean, further secondhand Swede 55 and a Super Swede 53 (a slightly wider and heavier Swede 55 derivate, designed by Peter Norlin) to german customers. I stopped doing this in 1997.

Since 2003 I am sailing Gamle Swede with a permanent crew, sharing the fun of classy and versed yachting, supporting me with the annual maintenance routine and refurbishments, which became due then.

I am a professional copywriter, author and journalist specialized in boatbuilding, classics and naval architecture: I covered and cover yachting on behalf of Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung and Sonntagszeitung, Sueddeutsche Zeitung, special interest magazines like Yacht, Yacht Classic and Boote Exclusiv. I am familiar with big boats like the J-Class, Wally Yachts, Mirabella, Maltese Falcon, Sailing Yacht A or the 90 metre three mast schooner Athena. In the nineties I dedicated some work to rescue the 46 m cutter Lulworth. 2009 I did some research to redesign the former Krupp yacht Germania. This 60 metre Schooner was launched 2011 as Germania Nova.

I contributed to a book about sea sailing (Die Praxis des Seesegelns), wrote a book about the last edition of the runabout Riva Tritone of 1966 (English edition Riva Tritone 258 available) and recently a guide on how to buy or sell a boat. 2016 a private publication about Santa Cecilia, a classy Knud Reimers powerboat of 1938 followed. The concept, research, finding the words and conceiving such a exquisite book was a nice task.

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