new hardware, reinforced and varnished steerling bar © Bruno Werner

new hardware, reinforced and varnished steering bar © Bruno Werner

It is common to add nice to haves like a teak deck to a cruising boat, to equip it with a powered capstan, requiring an extra battery in the bow.  But be aware that added weight practically drowns the performance of a narrow and sensitive boat like Swede 55. A teak deck, glued on the balsa cored deck for example adds 200 kgs. To my mind this is not advisable. Aboard my 55 I removed whatever is not necessary. I use a 35 lbs/16 kgs anchor and just 20 feet/six metres chain fore-runner and pull the anchor by hand, doing it faster than a heavyweight capstan.

Stay with the light displacement concept

A gauge installed in the 185 litre fresh water tank below the bunks in the forebody helps to carry the water likely needed during the day under sail or the weekend instead of adding thoughtlessly 185 kgs. Sailing Swede 55 it is important to keep the light displacement concept in mind.

Based on jobs done by myself or what I had done by experts I can help with advice as outlined:

  • replacement of through hull fittings and seacocks (due to age and wear) by state of the art hardware
  • shaping keelfin and rudderblade (NACA or better profiles), tightening keelbolts
  • replacement of rudder bearings
  • replacement of window frames
    new flush through hull fitting © Swedesail

    new flush through hull fitting © Swedesail

  • new skylights for main cabin and bathroom
  • improvement of sternson/steering bar to install of a smooth operating traveller
  • new runner arrangement for singlehanded and speedy operation by the helmsman
  • right choice of starter and service batteries (with safe installation)
  • retrofit of gauges for freshwarter and fuel tanks
  • original Swede 55 logo for mainsail: original shape, size, colour. With drawing where to locate it on the sail
  • proven sizes for reefing the mainsail (three levels)
  • choice of suitable winches for efficient reefing of the mainsail
  • improved reefing hooks for the boom
  • how to check and replace terminals/suspensions of standing rigging in the mast
  • how to dismount, check and install chain plates of lower, intermediate and upper shrouds
  • how to remove leakages on deck at ventilators, windows/windowframes, skylights, stanchionfeet, chainplates or other deck hardware
  • change of laborous cabin lights: replace chrome plated brass by nearly maintenance free stainless steel ones
  • conversion of engine accessories with regard to easy to maintain and safe operation: quick and hasslefree rinsing of external cooling with fresh water, sea water filter, custom made V-belt tightener, retrofit of overheating alarm
  • which feathering propeller to choose: low resistance when sailing, secure reversing to stop the boat in narrow ports
  • newbuild of a smooth operating and long lasting companionway hatch – fitting to the Swede 55 style with suitable materials
  • how to insure the boat (focussed on key criteria)

Swedesail has the lines and all drawings to laminate and build Swede 55.