You are considering to buy a secondhand Swede 55? Make yourself familiar with the boat handling. Experience her habits under sail. Feel the yachts motion in a seaway. Find out if the comfort aboard suits you. Get an idea which alterations and extras are meaningful.

It is impossible to understand this during a brief inspection of a secondhand 55 stored somewhere high and dry – with an owner or broker nearby eager to sell. Come aboard and sail my Swede 55 for hours or days. Get answers to your questions as they come up aboard – by an experienced Swede 55 owner. I am a sailor, not a salesman. Sometimes it is not easy to convince a wife of the purchase of a boat. So share the experience with your wife. If you prepare the decision towards a 55 in a smart manner you might achieve the preferred result a lot easier.

This invaluable time aboard is offered for a reasonable budget.

You are welcome i.e. on a Friday evening or Saturday morning for a weekend, an extended weekend or a couple of days to get your own Swede 55 experience. The port of Lemkenhafen on Fehmarn Island is easily accessible:

  • fly to Hamburg Airport and take a car to Lemkenhafen. It is a one hour ride. Fehmarn island is linked with a bridge
  • take the train Hamburg – Copenhagen. Leave the train at Puttgarden station where I will pick you up. It takes you 90 minutes from Hamburg central station.

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