„As owner of a secondhand Swede 41* I contacted Mr. Braschos via phone, met him during the Hamburg boat show and began with a one year consultancy due to a firmly agreed budget. Within that year I had questions regarding the following topics:

  • Repair of a leaking chainplate
  • Replacement of rattling rudderbearings (reason and adjustment)
  • recommendable mast rake and mast bend
  • Sail selection
  • modification of the toilet
  • berthing the boat at the baltic sea

All my questions were replied promptly. I found Mr Braschos to be a competent, straightforward working partner always having a solution, costs and time in mind. I was so content with the consultancy that I continued it.“

Paul Frey, Bad Ragaz/Switzerland

*Swede 41 was built in the nineties as successor of the popular S30 cruisung squaremetre boat and sold by Swedesail in central Europe.