The contempory cruising yacht is shaped by accommodation considerations. High-sided and wide-bodied, such a vessel is designed from the inside out. While the convenience-minded majority seems being content with it,  some sailors do not agree with the look and feel.

Since the seventies Swede 55 as the largest version of the cruising squaremetre boat merges sufficient comfort for a couple or a family with appealing lines and the pleasure of agile sailing. The 16 metre long Swede 55 offers full headroom below deck. An elegant weekender from Stockholm archipelago with an impressive ocean racing logbook. A refined pleasure upwind to enjoy endlessly, fast with open sheets. A yacht with dinghy-like virtues. How is this possible? You will find answers on the pages about Swede 55.

This website offers you an insight into a special chapter of agile sailing. It shows predecessors, informs about the development of the boat type, the Swede 55 fleet and variants. You will learn more about the little sister S30, her successor named Swede 41, about newbuildings, similar boats and concepts for the future.

Welcome to a world of beautiful Swedish boats.