Swede 55 halfmodel © Swedesail

Swede 55 halfmodel – Foto Swedesail

33 inch steering wheel

33 inch steering wheel – Foto Swedesail

Swede 55 half model Size, colour and finish of background plate (varnished mahogany or specific colour) due to your requirements. Perfect for living room or library. A nice gift for the 55-aficionado. Price on request

33 inch (830 mm) stainless steel steering wheel
– Ø of the outer ring of the wheel one inch – 25 mm
– six 12 mm spokes, raked 7 degrees to helmsman
– 12.5 lbs – 5.7 kg
– acidproof 316 stainless steel
– fitting to original Swede 55 Fisksaetra Varv axis (conical form) drawing available
– the wheel is used. Not dents or damages. Outer ring and spokes in a like new condition. The hub has few minor scratches due to repeat dismounting and mounting. They can be electropolished
– shipping in strong cardboard box. Price on request

Volvo MD 11 and 17 C Manual © Swedesail

Volvo MD 11/17 C Manual – Foto Swedesail

Swede 55 was delivered with a 27 horse power two cylinder Volvo Penta MD 11 C or an 35 HP MD 17 C three cylinder. These engines are excellent and reliable, lasting almost forever provided they are run with two cycle cooling and the regular maintenance schedule. So does the Volvo Penta Saildrive 110 S. I can help with full documentation: First the owners general manual, second the workshop manuals for the engine (MD 11/17C) and that one for the Saildrive 110 S. The workshop manuals are essential for repair jobs or the occasional overhaul. Having repeatedly removed the engine for maintenance, upgrades or replacement of the saildrive sealing ring, I strongly recommend these documents.