Based on Swede 55 know how gained since 1980, Swedesail, a yacht servicing company of Hamburg/Germany, was established in 1991. Swedesail sold S30 and Swede 55 newbuilds, secondhand Swede 55 and a Super Swede 53 in the nineties. Today Swedesail offers:

    • weekend charters and sailing holidays aboard a Swede 55 with skipper from Lemkenhafen/Fehmarn at the German coast of the Baltic Sea: to the nearby waters of Denmark, the west- or eastcoast of Sweden, southern Norway or Finland
    • advice for those considering to buy a secondhand Swede 55
    • advice for Swede 55 owners: maintenance, repair jobs and optimising the boat
    • Swede 55 spare parts

Charter a  55

You are considering to buy a secondhand Swede 55? Make yourself familiar with the boat handling. Experience her habits under sail. Feel the yachts motion in a seaway. Find out if the comfort aboard suits you. Get an idea which alterations and extras are meaningful.

It is impossible to understand this during a brief inspection of a secondhand 55 stored somewhere high and dry – with an owner or broker nearby eager to sell. Come aboard and sail my Swede 55 for hours or days. Get answers to your questions as they come up aboard – by an experienced Swede 55 owner. I am a sailor, not a salesman. This invaluable time aboard is offered for a reasonable budget. Sometimes it is not easy to convince a wife of the purchase of a big toy (a boat). So bring your wife and share the experience. If you prepare the decision towards a 55 in a smart manner you may achieve the preferred result way easier.

You are welcome i.e. on a Friday evening or Saturday morning for a weekend, an extended weekend or a couple of days to get your own Swede 55 experience. The port of Lemkenhafen on Fehmarn Island is easily accessible:

    • fly to Hamburg Airport
    • take a car to Lemkenhafen. It is a one hour ride. Fehmarn island is linked with a bridge
    • take the train Hamburg – Copenhagen. Leave the train at Puttgarden station where you are picked up. It takes you about 90 minutes from the Airport.


You are considering to buy an S30 cruising squaremetre boat, a Swede 41 or Swede 55? You would like to know where to have a closer look? Or do you own already such a boat and need  advice? You are facing a repair job and need guidelines how to begin, which tools are required, which accessories or suppliers are helpful?

A substantial share of a repairjob is spent with understanding it and its preparation. If you start in the right way with appropriate tools and spare parts, you save time, material, labour and avoid costly mistakes. I went thriugh some of the mistakes myself (learing it the hard way). So I am offering two kinds of advice:

A: You have a single question regarding purchase/sale or a repair job?
B: You need repeated advice during a time span buying, refurbuishing or optimizing a boat? Then you book advice for 6 or 12 months. You get replies to any questions that comes up in that time span.

Let me know your requiremets and you will get an offer. If you like to go on I will need your billing adress. After payment of the agreed fee you will get the requested advice due to variant A or B. Kindly note that I am solely working on a prepaid basis.

Swedesail already helped boatbuilders and owners in South Africa, in the United States, Switzerland and Germany.


    • Swede 55-bow fitting. Welded and electropolished stainless steel custom made design with sheave for the anchor chain and rope
    • flush through hull fittings, seacocks and accessories suiting to the specifics requirements aboard Swede 55
    • new window frames for Swede 55 in original design
    • deck organizers port and starboard side of the mast fitting to original holes or nearly matching the original design
    • new head- and backstay, lower, intermediate and upper shrouds for Swede 55
    • winches for installation aside the companionway for halyards, reefing and sail trim
    • twospeed selftailing headsail winches
    • smooth operating, efficient and lightweight mainsheet arrangement
    • new runner arrangement consisting of low stretch and high working load Dyneema endless ropes and two speed selftaining winches to by handled by the helmsman
    • emergency tiller, spare steering cables and accessories
    • original 33 inch (83 cm) Ø Fisksätra wheel, polished stainless steel
    • enlarged 39 inch (100 cm) Ø wheel. Custom made, fitting to existing steering hardware
    • custom made flag pole holder with angle fitting to general ambience of the boat and Swede 55 transom
    • versatile swimming and rescue ladder (original design) in polished stainless steel, fitting to the alloy foot rail. Custom made for Swede 55
    • custom made stainless steel pneumatic springs for bow and aft cabin hatches

Please give sufficient time for technical clarification, manufacture and delivery.

Who is behind Swedesail?

Erdmann Braschos, familiar with sailing since childhood, racing dinghies (Optimist, Europe), open keelboats, a 30 squaremetre boat type Lotus in the seventies (extended cruises to Norway – Stavanger and Oslo – west- and eastcoast of Sweden, Aalands Islands and Turku), since 1980 Swede 55, cruises around Europe: England, Mediterranean and back.

Gamle Swede is the last Swede 55 (No. 27) built by Fisksätra Yard in Västervik Sweden in 1979. I  launched her in spring 1980 in Västervik. I am sailing the boat with occasional guests aboard since 1988. Inspired by the beauty and exciting performance of the boat, I associated with a swedish boatbuilder to relaunch Swede 55 and her smaller sister, the S30, named then Swede 41. I sold few newbuilds to Germany and the Cote D‘ Azur, further secondhand Swede 55s and a Super Swede 53 (a slightly wider and heavier Swede 55 derivate, designd by Peter Norlin).

Since 2003 I am sailing Gamle Swede with a permanent crew, supporting me with the annual maintenance routine and refurbishments, which were then needed.

Professionally, I am a journalist specialized in boatbuilding, classics and naval architecture: I covered and cover yachting on behalf of Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung and Sonntagszeitung, Sueddeutsche Zeitung, special interest magazines like Yacht, Yacht Classic and Boote Exclusiv. I am familiar with big boats like the J-Class, Wally Yachts, Mirabella, Maltese Falcon, Sailing Yacht A or the 90 metre three mast schooner Athena. In the nineties I dedicated some work to rescue the 46 m cutter Lulworth. 2009 I provided documents to redesign the former Krupp yacht Germania. This 60 metre Schooner was launched 2011 as Germania Nova.

I contributed to a book about the practise of sea sailing (De Praxis des Seesegelns) and wrote a book about the last edition of the runabout Riva Tritone of 1966 (English edition Riva Tritone 258 available) and recently a guide on how to buy or sell a boat. 2016 I wrote a private publication about Santa Cecilia, a classy Knud Reimers powerboat of 1938. Needless to say the concept, reserach, finding the words and conceiving such a book was a delighting job.

More about my profession and publications at:

Knud H. Reimers

Naval architect Knud H. Reimers

Naval architect Knud H. Reimers

Reimers letterhead with a logo similar to A&R

Reimers letterhead with a logo similar to A&R

Born in Denmark, Knud Reimers (1906-87) became educated as shipwright at Krupp-Germania in the twenties. He then worked as apprentice at Bremen-Lemwerder under the supervision of Henry Rasmussen at the famous Abeking & Rasmussen yard, while paralleling his studies in Bremen. It was there that Reimers became familiar with the design of sleek fast yachts.

Reimers Konstruktion Tumlare

1930 Reimers took over the office of Gustav Estander in Stockholm, Sweden. Not surprizingly his new logo with the initials „KR“ is similar to that of the well reputed yard „A&R“. 1934 he designed the popular double-ender Tumlare, the predecessor to Adlard Coles’ seagoing legend Cohoe.

75er squaremetre boat Bacchant

75er squaremetre boat Bacchant

1936 Knud Reimers designed the 75 square meter boat Bacchant for the famous swedish racing sailor Eric Lundberg. Eventually the 62 footer took part in many Chicago-Mackinac long-distance races on Lake Michigan in the Eighties and Nineties. Bacchant was recently sold back to a swedish owner and returned to the waters she once came from: the achipelago of Stockholm/Sweden.


82 ft mahogany yawl Agneta

82 ft mahogany yawl Agneta

Expanding on the square meter boat motif, Reimers designed in 1948 the elegant 82 foot mahogany yawl Agneta. 1958 to the mid eighties the yacht was owned by the passionate yachtsman and Italian industrialist Giovanni Agnelli. Still one of the jewels of the Voiles de Saint Tropez, formerly known as La Nioulargue regatta.

Naval architect Knud H. Reimers in the Seventies

Naval architect Knud H. Reimers in the Seventies

In the sixties, Reimers Bijou initiated the rebirth of the classic 30 square metre class in southern Germany. This class is actively competing in championship races for the Reimers Cup annually on Lake Contance today.

Fidelis in Sydney - Hobart Race 1966

Fidelis in Sydney – Hobart Race 1966

1964 Reimers developed Fidelis, a 61 feet Bacchant derivate with modern transom and appendages. This Swede 55 predecessor was built Auckland/ New Zealand. Fidelis sailed many long distance races in the southern hemisphere, among them a victory in the Sydned-Hobart Race with a remarkable lead. This classic with a beam of just 10 feet and a displacement 26,500 lbs is berthed in Sydney today.

Fidelis winning the Sydney-Hobart Race in 1966

Fidelis winning the Sydney-Hobart Race in 1966

Upon request of some members of the Royal swedish yacht club in Stockholm (KSSS), Reimers designed Swede 55, a cruising ocean racing square meter yacht. The Swede 55’s design has an elevated freeboard, a comfortable center-cockpit, a nominal sail area of 55 square meters and additional volume below deck. She was inspired by Rolly Taskers Siska, a Knud Reimers 40 square meter boat modified for the 620 mile Sydney-Hobart Race by ocean sailor and sailmaker Rolly Tasker.