The interiour layout of Swede 55 show bunks green, sofas blue. Galley and charttable with seat for the navigator are next to the companionway. The lavatory with sink and shower separates the salon and owners cabin in the forebody. The cabin offers full headroom from companionway to the lavatory, the forward cabin has slighty limited height when the hatch is closed. The salon seats 6 persons and in party mode after a race up to ten. This is being tested occasionally. The sofas in the salon fold into two nice1 x 2,20 metre bunks with plenty of headroom.

The forward cabin has its own entrance and ventilation through a hatch. The pilot berth behind the navstation measures 80 cm x 2 m and is preferred by children. The fairly remote aft cabin is preferred by young couples or children. Due to limited motion in a seaway and noise by passing water this cabin is ideal when sailing at nigth.

The interiour is made of nicely crafted oiled teak. The hull is covered with pliable and well ventilated ceiling battens. A functional and tasteful ambience, suiting to decent swedish life on board.

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