Article covering the 40 sqm boat scene of Starnberger See near Munich

Article covering the 40 sqm boat scene of Starnberger See near Munich

“As owner of a secondhand Swede 41* I contacted Mr. Braschos via phone, met him during the Hamburg boat show and began with a one year consultancy due to a firmly agreed budget. Within that year I had questions regarding the following topics:

  • Repair of a leaking chainplate
  • Replacement of rattling rudderbearings (reason and adjustment)
  • recommendable mast rake and mast bend
  • Sail selection
  • modification of the toilet
  • berthing the boat at the baltic sea

All my questions were replied promptly, usually within a day or two. I found Mr Braschos to be a competent, straightforward working partner. He is always having a solution, costs and labour time to achieve the desired result in mind. I was so content with the consultancy that I extended and continued it.” Paul Frey, Bad Ragaz/Switzerland

„I became aware of Mr. Braschos by means of his meaningful publications covering yachting in the internet. Due to a planned purchase of a secondhand S30 cruising squaremetre boat I had questions regarding

  • the quality of Fisksätra yard manufactures
  • structuraly integrity
  • osmosis issues
  • lead suspension
  • the rudder

The consultancy by Mr Braschos was practical and hands on. It became very clear he is not onla an experienced sailor bt intimately familiar with boatbuilding and the type in question. His advice helped me a lot to buy the considered boat or refrain from it. Thank you.“ Dipl.-Ing. Hans-Werner Otto, Elmenhorst (öfftl. best. u. vereidigter Sachverständiger für Elektrotechnische Anlagen und Geräte).

“I hired Erdmann to help me assess a particular Swede 55 that I thought would be a good candidate for purchase. His research and helpful insight helped me look much more carefully into the matter and, I believe, enabled me to make a more informed decision. He is direct, thoughtful, and full of extremely useful information. I would not hesitate to hire him again.” Charles Churchill, Brookline/MA USA

*Swede 41 was built in the Nineties as successor of the popular S30 cruising squaremetre boat – based on model two as introduced by Fisksätra in late Seventies with a larger superstructure – driven by enlarged sailarea and made in lightweight composites (double skinned sandwich cored laminates) and sold by Swedesail in Europe. Swede 41s were delivered 1995/95 and 98 to the Mediterranean and Germany (Lake Constance, Ammersee and Nordrhein Westfalen).