Drei Kajüten über 13 m Länge an Bord verteilt © Swedesail
Four cabins spread over 43 feet  © Swedesail

„There are those who don’t believe in taking a condo to sea“ Nautical Quarterly

Der Salon von Gamle Swede © Swedesail
main cabin of Swede 55 – Foto Swedesail

Swede 55 has four separate cabins. A front cabin with a double V-berth. A bathroom ahead of the mast. The main cabin in the midship area with pantry and navstation next to the companionway. Behind the centre cockpit there is a nicely separated aft cabin.

Swede 55 accomodation spread over 43 feet

The midship cabin offers full headroom from companionway through the boat to the bathroom. Swede 55 provides amenities and desirable privacy for two couples, a family or for a cruise with friends aboard. The forward and aft cabins are well secluded.  The backrests of the settees in the main cabin fold down making room for two separate bunks.

The salon seats six persons withou ado, in a casual manner up to ten. The forward cabin has its own ventilation and entrance through a hatch. The pilot’s bunk is practical when sailing long distance and favoured by children.

13 m Platz verteilt auf drei separate Kajüten © Swedesail
four permanent bunks (green) and three convertible bunks blue © Swedesail

Swede 55 bunk sizes

  • Forward cabin: double V-berth with infill – head/foot 71/32 inch wide, 70 inch long (180/80 cm wide, 200 cm long)
  • Main cabin: two separate bunks – head/foot 37/32 in wide, 86 in long (95/80 cm wide, 220 cm long)
  • Pilot’s bunk: 52 in wide, 86 in long (80 cm wide, 220 cm long)
  • Aft cabin: double berth – head/foot 51/79 in wide, 79 in long (130/200 cm wide, 200 cm long)
Achterkajüte mit luftig leichter Wegerung aus Teakleisten © Swedesail
Pliable and ventilated ceiling battens in aft cabin – Foto Swedesail

Permanent bunks in forward and aft cabin are shown green. Convertible bunks in saloon and pilot’s bunk are shown blue. Besides the number of seven bunks in total the boat is ideal for three to four persons. In case of rain, the center cockpit in the harbor is protected with a tarpaulin back to the aft cabin. So you can change clothes standing in the open hatch of the aft cabin. When sailing through the night, the aft cabin is practical. Here the offduty sailor sleeps well thanks to little montion and water noise. Further he can be addressed directly by the helmsman in case assistance is needed.

Cabin heights aboard Swede 55

Companionway, Navstation, Pantry1.89 m6.2 ft
Salon1.79 – 1.82 m70 – 72 in
Bathroom1.68 – 1.72 m66 – 70 in
Forward Cabin1.55 m61 in
After Cabin1.22 m4 ft

The interior is made of natural teak being sanded and oiled. The hull is covered with pliable and ventilated ceiling battens. A functional and tasteful ambience suiting to decent swedish onboard life.