all Swede 55

This overview assigns all Swede 55s to build or sail numbers and presumed year of construction. Although some information is up to date, others is based on rumours and outdated information. Moreover, not all boats are known. Reliably identified sail numbers are marked in bold. If you, as a Swede 55 fan and insider, know more, I would be pleased to receive your remarks and improve the tables below. Status 4 October 2021

Swede 55 # 2 “Arwen” in Stockholm archipelago summer 19 – Foto Lars Wickenberg

Boats built by Fisksaetra Yard

year of construction / Sail #
hull colornamelocatedremarks
1976/S 1redSweedy, Spilhaus IIKiel/Germany, Guernsey, Capetown 1989-91built by Fisksätra, demo boat in Kiel, lost on a reef approaching Mauritius at night in 1991
1976/SWE 2 whiteCarina III, Swedeheart, Immola, Slanka Frun, ArwenStockholm/Swedenbuilt by Fisksätra, testsailed by På Kryss & Till Rors magazine in Summer 1976, successfully raced in Sweden in early years
1976 or 77/S 3redElisaStockholm/Swedenbuilt by Fisksätra, mast extended by 2 m, headstay moved forward
1977/S 4, FIN 10481whitePrillan, Sweda, AldaStockholm/Sweden, Turku/Finland since 2006built by Fisksätra, extensively refurbished recently, actively raced, Line honors and first Gotland Runt 2008
1977/L 1085, GER 5, DEN 5white dark blueSo LongEspoo/Finland, Kiel/Germany, Troense/Denmarkbuilt by Fisksätra, hull painted dark blue in Nineties by first german owner. Succession of 4 owners
1977   built by Fisksätra, no details regarding boat 6
1977   built by Fisksätra, no details regarding boat 7
1977/S 8whiteGeila III, AxeStockholm/Sweden; Oslo, then Bergen/Norwaybuilt by Fisksätra
1977/US 9whiteJavelin, RosinaWest Palm Beach/Florida; Lake Champlain/Vermont USA; New York Waters/USAbuilt by Fisksätra, black aluminum spar & boom. Rig geometry slighty modified. Beached ahead of Sandy Hook island, New Jersey in 2019, sold at auction in spring 20. Damages repaired by current owner. Boat being for sale.
1977/S 10whiteVilda MatildaStockholmbuilt by Fisksätra
1977/US 11white, dark blue, blackCorsairBrooklin/Maine USA, Fairport/Cleveland, Mentor/Ohio Lake Eriebuilt by Fisksätra, inspired the wooden Swede 55-replica “Vortex”
1977/S 11, POR 8224white, dark blueHera, MysticCaribbean/USA; Lisbon/Portugalbuilt by Fisksätra, blue hull after extensive refit in late Eigthies, sailing in Portugal
1977/US 12whiteSaud, Tumlare, Sigrid II, SkyeCaribbean, Woods Hole/USA, Buzzard’s Bay, Cape Town/South Africa since 2015built by Fisksätra, steering bar replaced by column, third Swede 55 brought to Cape Town
1977/ USA 93416whiteExcaliburAnnapolis – Maryland, Seattle – Washington/USAbuilt by Fisksätra, possibly boat 13, new spar with enlarged sail area in 2007
1977/S 14, F 16232, DEN 14whiteCalypso, Santé Montpellier, As, CalypsoAntibes, Port Carmargue, La Grande Motte/Montpellier, France; Limfjord/Denmarkbuilt by Fisksätra, five owners, extensively refurbished, teak clad deck and deckhouse, mahogany footrail
1977/ # 14 ?whiteTiana, LotusBeverly/Massachsetts USA, Dering Harbour/New York, Chatham near London/GBbuilt by Fisksätra, bought in 2009 in US, carried as deck freight to England in 2009, laid up near Southend-on-Sea, possibly sail number 14
1977/S 15whiteSciroccoStockholmbuilt by Fisksätra, sucessfully raced in Stockholm waters
1978/ L 5155whiteSusaija, Suveren, QuintusFinland, now Stockholm areasemi-finished boat (hull & deck) by Fisksätra of 1978 acquired by finish boatbuilder 1985, completed in different manner until 1987, deck and deckhouses covered with teak and mahogany, shorter single spreader spar, different interiour layout and finish.
1978/US 57476white, redThe ContessaSeattle/Washington, Alameda/San Franciscobuilt by Fisksätra, possibly boat 16
1978/US 17, US 8915whiteTemptress, BirdSan Francisco, lost in Glacier Bay/Alaskabuilt by Fisksätra, boat shown in Nautical Quarterly # 6 in spring 1997, successfully sailed San Francisco – Hawaii Race 1982, disappeared in a gale during a singlehanded cruise in Oct/Nov. 99 in GlacierBay/Alaska
1978/S 18whiteColumella II, So Long, Skuggfaxe, MiramisUppsala, Resarö, Vaxholm , Saltsjöbaden (Stockholm waters)/Swedenbuilt by Fisksätra
1978 or 79/Z 19whiteEosSteinach, Bodensee/ Switzerland, now german seaboard of Baltic Seabuilt by Fisksätra, for years the only Swede 55 on Lake Constance, run by sporty and well known owner
1979/ITA 20whiteViveka, SparnoccioGenoa, Jesolo/Italy, Croatia, Västervik/Swedenboat repeatedly particiated in Barcolana Race
1978 or 79/S 21white, dark blueCarinaAdriatic Sea, Tunesia, Croatia, Ravenna, Port Grimaud, Helsinki/Finlandbuilt by Fisksätra, succession of five owners, obtained teak deck and dark blue hull in 1997, extensively refurbished in Finland
1979/ G 22whiteSiloahAdriatic Sea, then Portoferraio/Elbabuilt by Fisksätra. Freshwater tanks installed behind backrests in main cabin. Stored on the hard 1989-2019
1979   built by Fisksätra, no details regarding boat 23
1979/S 25whiteElisabeth IINorrtälje/Swedenbuilt by Fisksätra, possibly boat 24
1979/G 25whiteKanigaKiel-Schilksee, Kopperby/Germany; Öresund/Denmarkbuilt by Fisksätra, succession of 4 owners, extensive refit in Skive in same manner as Calypso
1979/ G 26/K 26whiteValhöllfirst german owner; british owner, now second british owner, River Itchen /Southamptonbuilt by Fisksätra, repeated Atlantic crossings in the hands of first british owner, refurbished in 2019/20
1979/G 27whiteGamle Swedegerman seaboard of Baltic Sealast Fisksätra built Swede 55 in autumn 1979, launched May 1980

Swede 55 by other builders

year of construction/ sail # hull colornamelocatedremarks
# 28   presumably built by ACVA Båt, no details regarding boat 28
1982/US 42434whiteCounterpoint, Spilhaus IIIChesapeake Bay/USA, Capetown/South Africabuilt by ACVA Båt, probably boat 28 or 29, won Annapolis – Bermuda race 1986, aquired by Southafrican owner who lost his first Swede 55 in Mauritius, actively raced from Cape Town
1983/S 30whiteFast LaneSolna, Nacka, Stockholm/Swedenbuilt by ACVA Båt, crossed the Atlantic twice
1980/ K 31whiteSiri Louise, Peix’ Agulha, Escuteiros Maritimos, Almirante Warington Baden-PowellPonta Delgada, Azores Islands/Portugalprobably built by ACVA Båt, seized at Azores Islands on the route from Caribbean to Europe, donated to Sea Scouts in Ponta Delgada
1981/US 32whiteFlying CloudGuam/USAbuilt by ACVA Båt
1982 or 83? # 33   built by ACVA Båt, no details regarding boat 33
1984/US 34light blue, dark blueDie Nadel, Kyte, OhanaSan Diego, Port Washington, San Francisco/USAbuilt by ACVA Båt. Hull colour changed from light blue Gelcoat to dark blue later, aft overhang cut off recently
1989/US 50718whiteVortexBrooklin, Maine/USAbuilt by Brooklin Boat Yard, slightly altered wooden replica, raced in local waters and Caribbean

I also heard about a Swede 55 with sail number N 2 (N for Norway) owned by a Norwegian-English couple. The boat sailed charter trips in the Caribbean for a while, was seen in Bonifacio in Corsica in the eighties or nineties. It could be boat no. 23, 28 or 33. The video below shows “Cheyenne”, a recent construction moved by 100 square metres on a carbon mast with swept spreaders. Ballast ratio 57 percent. Uncluttered deck, no runners, tiller steering. A daysailer with comfort for a weekend or summer trip.

Swede 55 Variants

Apart from the Swedish Fisksaetra and ACVA Båt yard constructions plus the coldmoulded replica “Vortex”, there are four other Swede 55 variants from different boat builders.

year of construction/Sail #hull color namelocatedremarks
1989/ Swede 75 # 1/S 1, GER 1whiteNiñaStockholm, German seabord of the Balticbuilt by Crown Yacht AB, currently second owner, carbon spar upgrade
1989/ Swede 75 # 2, K 9953whiteUniversal HartbeatHamble/England, German seabord of the Baltic, Bankeryd Lake Vättern/Sweden built by Crown Yacht AB, numerous races in England & Scotland (Three Peaks Race), currently third owner
2002/ Swede 52 # 1whiteCheyenneStockholm/Swedenbuild as mostly empty and lightweight Daysailer by Sören Lund/Göran Lundgren. Due to the lenght named Swede 52
Swede 75 Special # 1whiteBirgitLångedrag near Gothenburg/Swedenmodified Swede 75, with different superstructure, cockpit and stern

Thanks to Michael K. Bottles, Charles Churchill, Noah Dater, Norbert Deicke, John Harding, Börje Larsson, Mario Steiner, Ulf Torberger, Lars Wickenberg, Steven White and Juha-Pekka Vuorinen.