Swede 55 offers

Scale 1:15 Swede 55 halfmodel
Swede 55 half model, scale 1:15  – Foto Swedesail

Swede 55 half model

Nice for dining room, library or guest room. Size, colour and finish of carrier plate as you want it. Ideal gift for the Swede 55-aficionado. Here you see the classy version with bare hull and deck. Scale of displayed model 1:15, hull length 108 cm ≈ 43 inch. Other scales and sizes are possible. You are welcome to inquire for further details.

  • 1:17 ≈ 94 cm/37 inch hull
  • 1:18 ≈ 88 cm 35 inch hull
  • 1:24 ≈ 66 cm/ 36 inch hull
  • custom made, approx. three month lead time for delivery

Sensibly enlarged Swede 55 steering wheel

Larger 39 inch wheel for Swede 55
Larger wheel with Swede 55 logo – Photo Paul Friedrich Braschos

Replacing the original Ø 80 cm/ 31 inch Fisksätra wheel, fitting to original steering mechanism. Price on request.

  • 100 cm/39 inch wheel (enlarged, still fitting to the classy style of Swede 55)
  • Ø of wheel 25 mm/ 1 inch
  • six tapered spokes, inclined  7° backward (destroyer wheel type)
  • acid-proof, polished stainlees steel
  • fitting to original Swede 55 Fisksaetra Varv cone
  • shipped in rigid box
  • custom made, approx. three month lead time for delivery

Instruction book and Workshop manuals for Volvo Penta MD11C/MD17C and Saildrive 110S

Owners manual for Volvo Penta MD11C & MD17C – Foto Swedesail

Swede 55 was delivered with two different engines by Fisksätra Varv in the seventies: a 27 horse power two cylinder Volvo Penta MD11C or the 35 HP MD17C three cylinder version. These engines are reliable and last long, provided they are run/retrofitted with two cycle freshwater cooling.

Cooling channels constricted by dirt or calcification lead sooner or later to overheating. I recommend to try by all means keeping these rigid, reliable and forgiving Volvo Penta models.  Regular maintenance routine with annually changed oil and filter ensure these engines last longer than a sailors life. No matter the engine hours run per season, the engine oil should be changed every autumn when preparing the boat for winter.

Nach 44-jährigen Betrieb überholter Volvo Penta MD17C
Overhauled Volvo Penta MD17C after 44 year operation – photo Swedesail
Workshop Manuals for original Vovo Penta Engines and Saildrive
Workshop Manuals for original Volvo Penta Engines and Saildrive

I can help with the owners manual, workshop manuals for the engine (MD 11/17C) and Saildrive 110 S. The workshop manuals are indispensable for repair jobs and occasional overhaul, i.e. the replacement of Saildrive-Simmerrings in case of milky gear oil.

I did repeatedly lift or remove the engine for maintenance and upgrades or replacement of the saildrive diaphragm (due every 7 years for insurance, technically lasting longer). Recently, I took the engine out of the boat for its first general overhaul since installation in 1979. You are welcome to inquire for an offer.

Original Fisksätra cockpit table extension

  • original Fisksätra, oiled teak
  • extends the Swede 55 folding cockpit table to seat 5-6 for dining
  • teak covered ≈ 17 mm marine plywood plate
  • width 62 cm, length 51 cm
  • total length with teak rods for substructure 75 cm (note fotos)
  • two 50 cm long teak rods for substructure, 38 x 35 mm
  • ≈ 4 kgs
  • embracing solid teak fiddles 44 mm high
  • rarely used, good condition
  • good template to reproduce original Swede 55 cockpit table
  • well packaged shipping, price on request.

Swede 55 parts