S30 second version

As described on the initial page covering the S30, 229 boats of the S30 cruising square metre class within six years were a remarkable, by todays standards astonishing achievement. However, expectations regarding easy boat handling and more comfort below deck increased significantly in the Seventies. The competition provided a lot more in this regard.

So Fisksätra Varv principal Torild Larsen reviewed the design. He gave the S30 a more voluminous and Swede 55 like boxy cabin between narrower side decks, a curved foredeck and raised the center cockpit slightly. In front of the mast the S30 now had an arrangement for the self-tacking jib to simplify boat handling in the often narrow waters of the swedish archipelago.

Details of the second S30 version

Halyards and other ropes were now led to the cockpit. In this second version the boat was built from early 1978 to the end of 79 from hull numbers 230 to 304. From today’s perspective, 74 boats within two years is an astonishing number for such an elegant and sporty boat. Sadly, the S30 story ended when Gylling withdrew from Fisksätra in 1979. Production creased in autumn and the yard was closed in 79/80. The last S30 and Swede 55 were delivered and rigged on front of the yard in spring 1980 in Västervik, at the east coast of Sweden. At that time, the site had already been taken rented to a car dealer.

Boat data as far as they differ to first version

Upwind sail area (Main and Jib)38,10 m2
Mainsail22,8 m2
Selftacking jib14,30 m2
Storm jib10,65 m2
Genoa 127 m2
Genoa 221 m2
Spinnaker75 m2
Volvo Penta MD 7A with Saildrive 100 S13 HP, 9,56 kW
Fuel50 l
Freshwater120 l
Boat data accoarding 1978 Fisksätra Varv Brochure

In the literature list with publications, brochures and articles compiled you find out more. And there is an active class association, the Svenska S30 Förbundet founded already in 1974. It documents the construction with class regulations and takes care of modifications, organises races and meetings of S30 sailors in Sweden.

New build as Swede 41

This is where the story of the S30 seemed to end for the time being – until the boat was relaunched by Olof Hildebrand in a different manner as Swede 41 in the mid-1990s and relaunched in the version two moulds with different appendages, lightweigth composite construction and significantly more sail area. An interesting boat, four examples of which were built in the 1990s with the Torlid Larsson structure. Swedesail was involved in that attempt with selling those four boats at the time to german clients.

A couple of years later, three more Swede 41s followed in the look of the classy racing 30 sqm boat with flush deck topped by a small and pretty mahogany cabin. A nice example is Swede 41 Sleipnir.