Swede 41 vor Fehmarn

Swede 41 cruising square metre boat Südwind

This type comes in two versions. As successor to the S30 cruising sqm boat in the variant built in 1995/96 with boxy and comfortable superstructure. Further in a flush deck version with low profile cabin as Swede 41 Classic. Here you have the opportunity to buy a Swede 41 called Südwind, fully equipped for cruising.

Swede 41 construction # 4

The sailing characteristics of Swede 41 have been improved impressively with deeper keel and rudder profiles and 35 percent more up wind sail area compared to the previous model. This makes sailing in light air conditions quite interesting.

Swede 41 was built in 1995/96 as a weight-optimized sandwich construction, initially at a small Swedish company named Crown Yacht, later called Allegro Båt AB near Nyköping at the Swedish east coast, south of Stockholm. 300 kg more lead and the center of gravity lowered around 30 cm offer more stability and sail carrying capacity compared to the conventional S30. The two-spreader mast is 15.50 m long and 7/8 rigged.

Swede 41 Südwind bei Schärenkreuzer Regatta Schlank & Rank Juli 2023
Swede 41 Südwind at biannual Schlank & Rank Race 2023 at Fehmarn – Foto Torsten Nitzsche

Also noteworthy is the rigid keel construction with stepped bilge to lead connection. This makes it almost impossible that the keel bolts shear off in case of a serious grounding. Further the design of the keel fin with rounded transition to the hull is just as well thought out: it offers safe distribution of forces in the event of violent contact with the unyielding granite of the Swedish archipelago.

Swede 41 a fun to sail boat

As I was able to observe for myself when transferring the prototype from Sweden via Bornholm, Stralsund and Warnemünde to Travemünde and when sailing the boat with clients in the Bay of Lübeck in summer 1995, it offers excellent sailing characteristics upwind. This boat is great fun especially in light to medium winds, and offers enormous sailing pleasure that can be endlessly refined for decades. It is no surprise that cruising square metre boats are kept by their owners for a long time. With Swede 41 you sail significantly faster and higher upwind than usual. The yardstick number 90 underlines this. Fine tuning of the mast curve via backstay and checkstay, which initially requires a little while getting used to. It needs attention when hoisting the main and tacking, but becomes routine after a few days of sailing.

Three separate cabins in the foreship, saloon and aft cabin spread over a length of 9 m. Attractive and well kept interior of the boat in varnished Khaya mahogany. According to the owner, the boat is watertight all around. The second owner has done a lot to keep Südwind in good condition and to make it comfortable for extended baltic sea cruising according to his ideas: Sprayhood, 270 Ah battery capacity, 25 litre hot water boiler and much more. Thanks to the tiller pilot, the boat can be sailed easily with two people, or alone when the weather is nice.

An example of forward-looking boat operation is the underwater hull covered with Coppercoat, an expensive and labor-intensive measure being worthwhile in the long term and that now benefits the third owner. According to the owner, the extensive on-board electronics work nicely. Usual maintenance such as changing the saildrive sealing sleeve, changing the engine and gearbox oil has been carried out.

Comprehensively equipped

As the photos show and you can see yourself when inspecting Südwind on land, there were no significant groundings. The front edge and the keel sole are flawless and not filled. The keel suspension is in good condition as well (no visible cracks). The boat is secondhand. It was inspected by me in Sweden and rigged in August 1996 on behalf of the first owner at his Mediterranean berth, put into operation named Nelian then. Since then, he has regularly taken it out of the water in his absence, where it stood on land for about six months yearly.

Thanks to its limited width and weight, Swede 41 can be easily brought on a trailer to other waters.

I recommend to change the use of the forward cabin as storage space (weight in the foreship) remove the railing made of 25 mm stainless steel tube instead of the common lightweight cables and to adjust the spreader angles that don’t quite fit (a matter of half an hour). The only disadvantage is the condition of the sails. As became clear during races, the upwind sailing performance with old sails does not currently satisfy the ambitious sailor.

Swede 41 data

  • Length 12.50 m
  • Width 2.50 m
  • Draft ≈ 1.80 m
  • Displacement ex yard ≈ 3.8 t
  • Ballast ≈ 1.9 t
  • Current displacement with extensive equipment for cruising (weighed at crane) ≈ 4.5 t
  • Yardstick 90
  • Upwind sailing with main and jib 49 sqm
  • Mainsail 30 sqm (condition still okay for cruising)
  • Jib 19 sqm (condition okay )
  • Genoa 32 sqm (condition acceptable for cruising)
  • Storm jib 6.5 sqm (as good as new, never used)
  • Bartels headsail furling with drum below deck
  • ≈ 80 l stainless steel water tank in the keel fin
  • ≈ 40 l stainless steel diesel tank
  • 1.70 m headroom in the companionway, which extends about 2 m forward, with pantry and navigation near
Engine Swede 41

  • Volvo Penta MD 2030 29 HP (21 kW) three-cylinder with dual-circuit cooling and saildrive
  • Operating hours 1996 – 2014 estimated 300 hours
  • Installation of operating hours counter in 2016
  • According to the counter, 60 operating hours until summer 23, so ≈ 400 engine hours
  • According to Volvo Penta good spare parts situation for this engine
  • Three-blade Max Prop propeller for low-drag sailing, good forward and reversing performance (for berthing in narrow ports)
  • new Saildrive cuff 2020
  • last gearbox oil change 2021.
  • Engine oil changed every 2 years
  • last V-belt change 2021

First launched in my presence in Sweden June 1996, commissioned by me for the owner in southern France August 1996. In the hands of first owner at Mediterranean until 2014. Transport to the Austrian shore of Lake Constance in autumn 2014.

Overhaul & Upgrades

Extensive overhaul winter 2015/16. The underwater hull was exposed down to the laminate (Antifouling and Gelcoat removed) and coated with Coppercoat, a copper-containing epoxy resin mixture as osmosis protection. A labor and cost-saving antifouling replacement.

  • thanks to numerous modifications, the boat had a Lake Constance permission, which can be easily activated at any time
  • all water hoses replaced
  • fesh water tank removed and cleaned
  • new electric toilet with 85 l waste holding tank
  • 45 liter gray water tank
  • 25 liter hot water boiler
  • level indicators for freshwater, greywater and waste tank
  • black water hoses replaced with odor-proof ones in 2022
  • new upholstery covers
  • electrics completely rewired up to the top of mast
  • 2 x 145 Ah Gel batteries
  • Philippi 30 amp charger with monitor
  • all lamps LED
  • new V50 radio system with additional handheld device
  • AIS transmitter and receiver
  • B&G chart plotter, log, wind with separate display in the cockpit
  • Autopilot
  • all devices connected with NMEA 2000
  • both skylights renewed
  • Gas installation with new two-burner gas cooker
  • new 11 kg aluminum gas bottle
  • new standing rigging 2016
  • new starter battery 2019
  • dodger for weather-independent living space in centre cockpit
  • Interior in a well-maintained and good condition
  • fore cabin converted into storage space. Quick conversion back to V-berths possible
  • rigid railing made of 25 mm stainless steel tube

The boat was little used by first owner, having been sailed around 3,000 nm by the second owner since the overhaul in 2015/16. The boat was in the water for around 6 months a year, initially on Lake Constance. Since 2016 Baltic Sea berth with indoor winter storage in Lemkenhafen/Fehmarn. In 2018 it was in a shed.

The boat is offered due to age of owner. VAT was verifiably paid by first owner. The information is based on my own memories plus documents and information by current owner, to the best of my knowledge, however without warranty of any kind. If you are interested, I am will make contact for you to the seller. This is done commission-free and without other hidden costs. I have advised the owner over the past few years. Familiat with the boat and as seller at the time, Swedesail will also advise and support the future third owner of this Swede 41 upon his request.

Photo on top by Torsten Nitzsche

S30 first version, S30 Chichester, S30 Kauri, S30 second version, Swede 41 Classic

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