Wooden Boat article 1993, circulation 102,000 © Wooden Boat/Braschos

Wooden Boat article 1993, circulation 102,000 © Wooden Boat/Braschos

You are considering to buy an S30 cruising squaremetre boat, a Swede 41 or Swede 55? You would like to know where to be careful and where a closer look is neccessary for the sake of safety and your ease of mind afloat and offshore? Or do you own already such a boat and need advice? You are facing a repair job and need guidelines how to begin? Which tools are required, which accessories or suppliers are helpful? Should you keep the existing engine or replace it? This is a costly and labourous decision. Perhaps you inherited a boat or it is time to prepare the sale:  I am familiar with the process and can help.

As owner and possibly handson sailor you know that a substantial share of a repairjob is spent with understanding it and its preparation. That is meaningful and what should be avoided because it just uses your valuale time and money? If you start in the right way with appropriate tools and spare parts, you save time, material, labour, Dollars or Eutos plus you avoid costly mistakes. Operating my Swede 55, I went through some of the common mistakesand detours myself (learning it the hard way). Further I have sold, convoyed, consulted and delivered new builts and used boats.

So I am offering two kinds of advice:

A: You have a single question regarding purchase/sale or a repair job?
B: You need repeated advice during a time span buying, refurbuishing or optimizing a boat? Then you book advice for 6 or 12 months. You get replies to any questions that comes up in that time span.

Let me know your requiremets and you will get an offer. If you like to go on I will need your billing adress. After payment of the agreed fee you will get the requested advice due to variant A or B. Kindly note that I am solely working on a prepaid basis.

Swedesail already helped boatbuilders and owners in South Africa, in the United States, Switzerland and Germany.