Wooden Boat article 1993, circulation 102,000 © Wooden Boat/Braschos
Wooden Boat article 1993, circulation 102,000 © Wooden Boat/Braschos

“There are two lucky days in an owner’s life: when he buys the boat and when he sells it”

After decades sailing dinghies, boats and Swede 55, I remember this saying from moments when I questioned the demanding boat operation. Having put rose-coloured glasses aside, I will show you how to make the most of the time between buying and selling. I advise you

  • before the purchase with straight ahead questions
  • after the purchase with a path for your first season (avoiding common mistakes)
  • operating the boat with regard to maintenance, repairs and conversions
  • finally in the upcoming sale with preparation, successful advertising, filtering clients

Yachting know how since 1980

You are considering to buy an S30 cruising squaremetre boat, a Swede 41 or Swede 55? You would like to know where to be careful and where a closer look is neccessary for your personal safety and ease of mind afloat? Perhaps you own already such a boat and need advice. You are considering a repair job and need guidelines how to begin? Which tools are required, which accessories or suppliers are helpful? Should you keep the existing engine or to replace it? A decision resulting in costs and work. Perhaps you inherited a boat or it is time to prepare the sale.

Swede 55 Segler Erdmann Braschos
Swede 55 Sailor Erdmann Braschos

Most of the time spent for jobs aboard goes into preparation. How is it done? Where to start? Which tools, materials and spare parts do you need? What should you do yourself and what is wiser to have done by a professional? When is the right time?

Save working hours, material and money

So save time, material, money, plus further € or $ of lesson money spent for learning. Use my decades of experience in maintaining, repairing or optimising Gamle Swede. In addition to operating my own boat, I have advised numerous sailors over the years. I took care of several new builds. I transferred used and new boats. As sailor and from the technical side, I know what matters. I know all kinds of boats, from cheap ones to Swans and custom yachts. In this regard, it is perhaps interesting that I publish on the subject with a professional view committed to the reader/user instead of the industry. Others are better at the usual press claptrap.

Two kinds of advice for boatowners

I help you with targeted answers to questions usually being clarified in one to 1 ½ hours. This gets you as buyer or owner a decisive step ahead. Or I will support for a longer period of time.

  • You have few questions regarding purchase, a job aboard or the sale of your boat?
  • You need repeated advice during a time span buying, refurbuishing or optimizing a boat? Then you book advice for 6 or 12 months. You get replies to any questions that are coming up in that time span. Usually within a day or two.

I supported boatbuilders, brokers and owners in South Africa, the United States, the Netherlands, England, Italy, Mallorca, Switzerland and Germany.

How it works

Let me know your requirements with your billing adress via E-Mail and you will get an offer. After payment of the agreed fee I will help with inquired advice due to variant A or B. Kindly note that I am solely working on a prepaid basis. Please accept that no free advice is provided beyond the contents of this website.

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