Swede 55-Sailor Erdmann Braschos – Foto Swedesail

Tempted by the gains of composite boatbuildung by SP-Systems (today named Gurit) I founded SWEDESAIL in 1991. A swedish boatbuilder relaunched the cruising squaremetre yachts S30 as Swede 41 and Swede 55 as Swede 75 in advanced lightweight construction. Test sailing the boat with clients in May 1992 at Kiel-Schilksee Swede 75 impressed with performance equal to empty top notch racers preparing for the MAIOR Admiral’s Cup selections.

30 sqm cruising squaremetre boat Lotus © Erdmann Braschos

30 sqm cruising squaremetre boat Lotus – Foto Erdmann Braschos

Swede 75 Promotion in der Seglerzeitung 1994

Swede 75-Promotion in German Magazine Seglerzeitung 1994

Sailing since childhood I became familiar with offshore sailing in the seventies aboard a 30 sqm boat type Lotus: 39 x 7 x 5 ft draft, 5.700 lbs (12 x 2.15 x 1.50 m draft, 2.6 t). Crossing the Skagerrak, navigating around the exposed southwestern coast of Norway to Stavanger or a speedy three day sprint from the German seaboard to Åaland isles were embossing adventures. Then it was time for Swede 55 with full headroom, a restroom instead of a bucket and a reliable inboard engine. In the nineties I published about square metre boats and the international rule/metre boats. My articles on boat restoration, naval architects, sailors and boatbuilders contributed to the renaissance of classic yachting in Germany and Switzerland.

Contributions to book by Wilfried Erdmann 1992/1995

Chapters for book published by bluewater sailor Wilfried Erdmann 1992/1995

Contributions to EYD published 2003 © W.W. Norton & Company

Contributions to EYD published 2003 © W.W. Norton & Company

I sold the Swede 75 prototype, some Swede 41 newbuilds to Germany and the mediterranean, secondhand Swede 55s from Scandinavia, a Super Swede 53 and boldly opened a branch in 405 Lexington Avenue in Manhattan, named Swedesail North America. The 71st floor of the Chrysler building downtown New York was not a bad adress, where a real estate man conducted a more profitable business. In the late nineties I focused on my Swede 55 which then needed more care.

I am sailing Swede 55 with unbridled enthusiasm. My sailing friends share the fun of classy and versed yachting during weekends, occasional cruises or races. I am happy to have a new home port for Gamle Swede within a relaxed, sailing-minded environment in Fehmarn. Denmark with Langeland island, Ærø and the beautiful sheltered waters south on Fyn are approached in a few hours. Centred in the German coast of the Baltic Sea, Fehmarn island is the perfect location for cruises east- or westbound, to Denmark, Sweden, Norway or Finland.