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Swede 55 Segler Erdmann Braschos
Swedesail founder Erdmann Braschos

The modern skerry cruisers, also known as cruising square metre boats or Skärgårdskryssare variant of the seventies like S30 and Swede 55 are interesting boats. Agile and fun to sail, easy to maintain and robust. In the nineties they were relauched in advanced lightweight sandwich construction. That was the ignition for Swedesail.

Swede 55 in advanced composites

Swede 75 Promotion in der Segler-Zeitung 1994
Swede 75 in Segler-Zeitung 1994

Tempted by the advantages of composite boatbuildung materials by SP-Systems (today named Gurit), I founded Swedesail in 1991. A swedish boatbuilder then relaunched the cruising square metre boats S30 as Swede 41 and Swede 55 as Swede 75 in advanced lightweight construction. Test sailing the prototype with clients in May 1992 off Kiel-Schilksee, the boat impressed with performance equal to empty top notch racers preparing for the MAIOR Admiral’s Cup selections.

Agile and fun to sail boats

30 sqm cruising squaremetre boat Lotus © Swedesail
Half as wide as common boats: 30 m2 cruising square metre boat Type Lotus – Foto Swedesail

Sailing since childhood I became familiar with offshore sailing in the seventies aboard a 30 m2 cruising version type Lotus: 39 x 7 x 5 ft draft, 5.700 lbs (12 x 2.15 x 1.50 m draft, 2.6 t). Crossing the Skagerrak, navigating around the exposed southwestern coast of Norway to Stavanger and a three day sprint from the German seaboard to Åaland archipelago impressed me. Then it was time for a boat with full headroom, a restroom instead of a bucket and a reliable inboard engine, Swede 55. In the nineties I published about square metre boats and the international rule/metre boats. My articles on boat restoration, naval architects, sailors and boatbuilders contributed to the renaissance of classic yachting in Germany and Switzerland.

Swede 41 und Swede 75

Super Swede 53 under construction in Tunesia
Super Swede 53 under construction 1984 in Hergla/Tunisia. Swedesail sold this boat later to Germay – Foto Swedesail
Cover Delius Klasing Book Segeln auf See by Wilfried Erdmann
Contributions to book by german offshore sailor Wilfried Erdmann published 1992/1995

I sold the Swede 75 prototype, some Swede 41 newbuilds to Germany and the mediterranean, secondhand Swede 55s from Scandinavia, a Super Swede 53 to Germany and boldly opened a branch in 405 Lexington Avenue in Manhattan, named Swedesail North America. The 71st floor of the Chrysler building uptown New York was a good adress, where a real estate man conducted a definetely more profitable business.

Advice for buyers and boatowners
Contributions to Encyclopedia of Yacht Designers published 2003 W.W. Norton & Company New York
Contributions to Encyclopedia of Yacht Designers by W.W. Norton & Company New York 2003

Disappointed with the work supplied in Sweden, I stopped selling in 1997 and took finally care of the delivered boats. Giving up the attempt was not easy. I focussed on my work as author, copywriter, journalist and own Swede 55. Today, I am advising sailors considering a new or secondhand yacht and boat owners regarding repair, maintenance or alterations. I am helping as well with preparing the sale of the yacht. This work is based on decades of experience with 30 and 55 m2 cruising skerry cruisers, hands on operation of my boat and knowledge of the industry. I am working straightforward – focused on what you as client want to achieve.

Swede 55 sailor Erdmann Braschos
Upwind joy near sealevel with Swede 55 – Foto Swedesail

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