Swede 55 parts

Custom made electropolised 316 steel Swede 55 bow fitting © Sören Hese/Swedesail
Polished 316 steel Swede 55 bow fitting – Foto Sören Hese/Swedesail

Custom parts for Swede 55

Sailing the last Fisksätra manufactured Swede 55 since 1980, I gained a little experience in how to keep the boat, how to repair, improve and sensibly upgrade it. So I offfer Swede 55 parts and accessories like

Removable and folding rescue/bathing ladder for Swede 55 © Swedesail
Removable and folding rescue/bathing ladder for Swede 55 – Foto Swedesail
  • Swede 55-bow fitting in polished stainless steel with large single sheave for anchor chain/rope
  • alternatively wide version with double pulleys for two anchor lines
  • versatile swimming and rescue ladder (original Fisksaetra design) stainless steel, fitting to the alloy foot rail custom made for Swede 55
  • flush through hull fittings, seacocks and accessories in noncorroding and maintenancefree materials, overview of hoses and clamps required
  • suggestions to transfer certain through hull fittings to make life aboard easier
  • black water holding tank with discharge through deck fitting and hanging installation to empty on long voyages in open waters without extra pump
  • twelve new window frames for Swede 55 with mounting instructions: fore cabin, bathroom, main cabin, large windows near companionway, aft cabin
  • deck organizers port and starboard side of the mast fitting to original holes/almost matching the original design
Raked flagpole fitting to Swede 55 rear – Foto Swedesail

Custum parts based on decades sailing Swede 55

  • new head- and backstay, lower, intermediate and upper shrouds for Swede 55
  • four selftailing winches for installation aside the companionway for halyards, reefing and sail trim – well suiting to the job
  • twospeed selftailing headsail winches suiting to pulling loads and fitting to the Swede 55 winch console
  • smooth operating, efficient and lightweight mainsheet arrangement (avoiding costly and heavy extra winches)
  • new runner arrangement consisting of low stretch and high working load Dyneema, endless rope and two speed selftailing winches to be handled by the helmsman in simple open keelboat style
  • mainsail outhaul 1:15 instead of standart 1:5 purchase (internal boom arrangement, partly Dyneema ropes, partly stainless steel cables)
  • emergency tiller, spare steering cables and accessories
  • Swede 55 mainsail logo in original size, shape and colour scheme
  • 39 inch (100 cm) Ø steering wheel, polished stainless steel, fitting to the original swedish steering hardware (Fisksaetra, Wargia)
  • custom made flag pole holder with angle fitting to general ambience and Swede 55 transom

Please give sufficient time for technical clarification, manufacture and shipping.