Welcome to a niche beyond the contemporary heavy, high- and widebodied cruising boat. Swede 55 is a slender counterpoint with spoonbow, sheerline and elegant run. Combining forgotten aesthetics with modern construction.

A charming fusion of discreet scandinavian design with agile sailing. Responsive like a dinghy. Thanks to her slim and long waterline fast. Captivating to sail upwind. Mile eating downwind. A weekender from Stockholm archipelago with a remarkable offshore racing logbook. Sports hardware with comfort for the family or friends.

Enticing as a boat can be

With this website I am sharing my passion developed for Swede 55 with insights into the legacy of light displacement sailing, naval architecture and discreet scandinavian design – beefed up by a collection of sources. As boat owner you can get advice and buy spareparts. If you would like to just sail Swede 55 you are welcome.